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Customizer Instructions

  1. Select Color
    1. You must select a variant color/material
  2. Select Side (If applicable)
    1. Select which side(s) you'd like engraved.
    2. Collapsable tabs will allow you to navigate which side you are adding designs to
  3. Select Image and/or write text
    1. Make sure you are in the correct section for whichever side you are working on
    2. Some options have multi-select to add several images, and you must deselect options you no longer want
  4. Resize, rotate, move
    1. Click on the image or text on the preview to resize, rotate, and move it around. Image and text is restricted to preset boundaries
    2. Preview must be at the top of the product page to edit. "Sticky preview" allows you to see the product as you scroll down to make selections.
  5. Switch Views
    1. To switch views between sides, make sure you are at the top of the product page. There are arrows on both sides of the image "<" and ">" that allow you to switch views between sides.
  6. Agree To Terms & Conditions
    1. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions before adding to your cart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Custom uploaded images will not reflect silver or gold on preview if material engraves gold or silver.

Please note: Customizer is for approximate placement and is not an exact representation. All sales are final.