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10 Pack Seedling Markers

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Pack Includes 10 acrylic plant markers

Important notes
Actual acrylic color may differ from photos due to monitor color calibration differences. Acrylic is prone to scratches.
Glossy will display scratches more than Matte.
Please read cleaning instructions
Silver Sharpie writes best on dark colors.


Best maintenance practices

If using a sharpie, clean glossy side by using small amount of alcohol on a microfiber cloth.

Clean matte side by using a dry erase over the sharpie, and then clean with alcohol. Do not aggressively rub away sharpie.

MATTE IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO CLEAN, BUT WILL HOLD UP TO WATERING CONDITIONS BETTER THAN GLOSSY. Use a combination of dry erase, sharpie, and alcohol to remove old sharpie. It takes many passes. Clean after each season to reduce imprint of sharpie on matte acrylic.

When using a silver sharpie, use dry erase over sharpie on both glossy & matte.

Over time, alcohol eats away at all acrylic. Use minimal amounts to extend the life & appearance of acrylic.


10 Pack Seedling Markers
10 Pack Seedling Markers Sale price$10.00