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Full Moon Earrings

Sale price$20.00
Wooden earrings are lacquer coated with Sterling Silver hooks

Small 1-1/4" diameter 
Medium 1-5/8" diameter
Large 2" diamater

Wood pictured: Zebrawood
Grain angle, pattern, texture, and thickness will vary from photo

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Full Moon Earrings
Full Moon Earrings Sale price$20.00

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domestic & exotic wood species

Explore nature's elegance from around the world with our wide selection of exotic woods, each carefully curated to create stunning earrings that reflect the natural beauty of each species.

Choose your favorite wood and let its unique grain, textures and colors accentuate your style.

The Personal favorite


Canarywood is a unique and beautiful wood that grows from Panama all the way down through Brazil, and is known for its varying colors & grain pattern. It is a light yellow to light brown with streaks of pink, orange, purple, and red - often resembling a sunset. The grain pattern can be straight grained while others have swirling patterns.



Grown in West Africa, Zebrawood is easily recognizable as it is one of the largest trees in the forest. It is much sought after for its beautiful black and creamy striped timber, which vaguely resembles the stripes of a zebra.


Also known as Goncalo Alves, Tigerwood is a heartwood with superb strength, hardness & durability. The colors are usually a medium reddish brown accented with darker streaks. It has excellent weathering properties, as it is very resistant to moisture absorption.


Leopardwood is a scarce timber harvested from the Roupala montana tree in Latin America. It is known for it's flaky, speckled appearance which varies from small lace-like patterns to large splashy figures that resemble the coat of a leopard.


An exotic wood from Latin America with vivid eye-catching colors such as rich strawberry red, light pink, yellowish red, and golden yellow stripes. It is extremely hard, dense and tight grained. Closely looking at the grain structure, it almost resembles cloth.


Known for its stunning vibrant purple color, Purpleheart gradually deepens to a rich violet-brown with age and exposure to light. The wood features a fine to medium texture with a naturally lustrous surface, adding to its visual appeal.


It is a unique wood that is nearly 100% black. Wenge is characterized by its dark brown to black color, often featuring subtle, fine light brown streaks that creates a striking and sophisticated appearance. The wood's grain is typically straight, though it can occasionally exhibit a slightly wavy pattern, contributing to its distinctive texture.


Padauk is renowned for its vibrant reddish-orange to deep crimson color, which can darken over time to a rich burgundy. This exotic hardwood is primarily sourced from Africa, particularly countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. Its striking color and durability make it a popular choice for fine furniture, flooring, and decorative accents.


One of nature's most elegant woods, African rosewood has a reddish pink tone that boasts purplish-pink vein accents that gracefully weave through the grain.


Celebrated for its rich, reddish-brown hue, often accompanied by darker streaks that enhance its visual appeal. The wood's color can range from pinkish-red to a deep, dark red, sometimes with a hint of purple, and it tends to darken with age. This vibrant and striking coloration makes Bubinga a favored choice for high-end furniture, musical instruments, and decorative veneers.


Also known as Bolivian Rosewood, Morado is considered an extremely rare species in comparison to many Brazilian species. The Wood features a stunning range of colors from deep browns to rich purples, often with intricate black streaks that enhance its visual appeal. Sourced primarily from Central and South America, this hardwood is highly valued for its density and durability.


Admired for its rich reddish-brown to deep orange hues, Granadillo is often complemented by dark streaks that enhance its elegant appearance. This dense and durable hardwood is native to Central and South America, particularly in countries like Mexico and Nicaragua.


Prized for its striking appearance, it features a captivating blend of dark brown to black streaks set against a golden to tan background, creating a mesmerizing zebra-stripe pattern. Native to Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America, this dense hardwood is renowned for its durability and stability.


Shedua is known for its warm golden to reddish-brown hue with darker streaks that add depth and character to its appearance. Originating from West Africa, particularly regions like Cameroon and Gabon, this hardwood boasts excellent durability and workability.


Originating from tropical Africa, notably countries like Nigeria and Cameroon, this hardwood is esteemed for its lustrous reddish-brown color with darker ribbon-like stripes.



Considered our premium domestic, Walnut is celebrated for its rich, chocolate-brown color and lustrous finish. It exudes timeless elegance and warmth. Native to North America, particularly regions like the eastern United States and parts of Canada, this hardwood boasts a fine, straight grain that adds character to its appearance.


Renowned for its warm reddish-brown hues and smooth, satiny texture, Cherry adds a touch of timeless sophistication to any space. Cherry features a subtle, straight grain with occasional wavy patterns, enhancing its natural beauty.


Characterized by its pale, creamy white to light brown color, Maple exudes a classic and versatile charm that complements various design aesthetics. This hardwood boasts a fine, uniform grain that lends a smooth and consistent appearance.


Poplar has a pale cream to light green and yellowish-brown hue, and offers a neutral and understated elegance that blends seamlessly with a variety of decor styles. It typically features a straight grain with occasional mineral streaks, adding character to its appearance.